Naturally changing an air filter is not the same thing as replacing an entire engine and its gearbox, but at Lazarus nothing is left to chance. Otherwise it would not have been possible to create a specialist centre in the area of electronics and for applied mechanics for cars and models of any type. It goes without saying that the centre is equipped with the latest technology. The perfect interaction of advanced technology and the technicians’ constant professional training are the base for success and the satisfaction of numerous clients. Lazarus offers: electronical switchboard processing; inspections of racing cars and racing motorbikes (historical and modern); mechanical and electronical repair shop; inspections of electronical components; technical support for workshops. Tuning at Lazarus refers to aesthetics as well as mechanics. The first refers to interior as well as exterior (to up the looks as well as to improve comfort or aerodynamics). The latter includes everything related to car’s dynamics and mechanics as well as electronics. Lazarus carries out the most common intervention as well as the most difficult engine swap in the most efficient and professional way.